Try Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure Pass
Faculty will receive a 12 month,
$250/month account
Students will receive a 6 month,
$100/month account

Microsoft is committed to supporting university faculty and students. When it comes to accessing Azure, you have options. Take a look at these direct to student and research specific programs to determine the one that’s right for you.

arrow Eligibility Requirements:
  • Requester must be a faculty member of an accredited university
  • Passes must be used for a specific class
    1. Multiple classes should have multiple requests
    2. Multiple sections of same class may use one request
  • Passes must be used by students
  • Faculty must provide all information requested
    1. If you are unable to provide any of the requests, please attach a document explaining reason for omission, and another method to verify,
arrow Application is for Educators/Faculty only.
If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, the free trial program is also available for 1-month at no cost. (Free Trial Link)
Fill all the fields
This must be an email with university domain.
The number of passes requested should not be more than the students in the class.
This should be a link to a course description or class catalog listing. This should be hosted on the university domain.
This should be a link to faculty bio or faculty directory listing that includes email address. This should be hosted on university domain. If domain is not publically accessible, a screenshot of the list is sufficient.
A course syllabus will include:
  • Title of the Course
  • Professor Contact Information
  • Topics to be Covered in the Course
  • Schedule of the Course
  • Outline of Grading Structure
This needs to be a University Issued ID Card. If the university does not issue ID cards, then a letter on university letterhead confirming employment will qualify. Requesting faculty may only self-submit letter if employment can also be validated on website.
Microsoft may publicly identify my organization as an Azure Academics customer by listing my organization’s name, trademarks and/or logos.
The information you provided will be used to verify eligibility. Microsoft may contact you as part of the verification process.

The Microsoft Azure Educator Grant program allows up to 20 passes per application. Requests larger than 20 passes will require additional review.
Visual Studio Dev Essentials

Microsoft’s most comprehensive free developer program includes developer tools such as Visual Studio Community and Code along with Azure Credit of $25/month for 12 months. A credit card and phone number are required for activation of the Azure Credits. The program also includes free world-class training and support for 3 months.

Azure 30-day Free Trial

Offers $200 in Azure credits for 30-days for anyone with just an e-mail address. You can use the $200 credits towards any of the several Azure Services such as Virtual Machines, SQL Databases, Storage and Machine Learning. A credit card and phone number are required for identity verification during sign up.

Microsoft Student Developers

Build cross-platform apps and connect them to the cloud with Microsoft Azure, at no cost and with no credit card required. The following Azure Services are included for free with no limit:
Mobile Apps, Notification Hubs, SQL Database, MySQL with ClearDB, Visual Studio App Insights, Web Apps and Visual Studio Team Services.

Microsoft Azure for Research

Submit a proposal for free Azure credits if you are working on a research project. Proposals are reviewed every two months. Faculty, research staff members, graduate students, and postdocs are qualified to submit proposals.

If you have an existing Azure pass promo code, you can redeem it here. Still not sure? Contact us for more information.